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Success Stories

Success Stories



This young women has opened a bakery in the spare room of her home with her first microcredit loan. Every morning she gets up at dawn and bakes fresh loaves for the village to buy. She says that the bread is very popular and she sells out every day. She is able to repay part of her loan every week, buy new supplies and has money left over for her family. This is the first time she has had an income of her own.

She is part of a women’s support group and attends their meetings and learns about other peoples business problems and solutions. When she has repaid this loan she will be eligible to borrow a larger sum and use it to expand her business.

In the photo on the left, she is talking to the Loan Officers on one of their regular visits. During each visit, they collect a small cash repayment of part of the loan, which they record in her loan book. They ask questions about how the business is running and offer advice. They also fill her in on any upcoming meetings or workshops and are the line of support to many microcredit businesses.

Microcredit has helped this woman earn an income and provide for her family.

String Hopper Noodle Business


After the tsunami in 2004, these grandparents became the primary caregivers of their grandson. Their small retirement savings were not enough to meet the extra costs. The grandmother applied for a $50 microcredit loan to purchase equipment and supplies to make fresh string-hopper noodles, a Sri Lankan favorite. She has paid back her loan and the extra income pays for books, uniform and school supplies for their grandson.

Fishing – Rose Microcredit Entrepreneur Graduate



Mrs. Nijamudeen Arbitha is from Natpiddimunai. An esteemed long-term member of the Rose Microcredit program, her success within the program has now allowed her to develop sufficiently good credit to in effect ‘graduate’ from Microcredit to a commercial loan as her family business continues to expand. Likewise, her entrepreneurial success has afforded her the ability to give back to her community as a member of the Women Group Committee of Natpiddimunai.

But it wasn’t always in this way, recalls Mrs. Arbitha, “(in 2008) our family was living under high poverty. We depended on the small income from selling fish. My husband bought fish in small amount and sold them locally. This was never enough to run our family so we faced difficulty in running our family. In a bad day our family income for the day went as low as Rs.100. Then, I heard about Rose charities and joined as a member. Afterwards my life began to change towards a bright future.”

In 2008, she took the first Microcredit Loan, Rs.20, 000.00 and bought a canoe with fishing gear. (With this) “I was able to not only manage my family and look after my children’s education, but also develop the business to the next level from my monthly income.”

Mrs. Artbitha repaid the first loan and then applied for a second loan. When she received Rs.45, 000.00 as the second loan, she took her business to the next level. She bought a motor bike in order to mobilize her business.

Mrs. Arbitha reports happily, “I sell dried fish now and earn Rs.1500 or more per day. This earning is more than enough to give my kids a good education. I also renovated my house.”

In 2011 Mrs. Nijamudeen Arbitha officially graduated from the Rose Microcredit system and with Rose’s assistance got a loan of Rs.200, 000.00 from the Commercial Bank in Kalmunai. The loan allowed her to buy some motorized boats for rental and she is able to settle the loan through the income.

Mrs. Nijamudeen Arbitha is one of the many who has made their life easier through Rose Microcredit Initiation. She never fails to appreciate the services of Rose Microcredit, “I always remember the help, precious advice and guidance of Rose Charities. My family and I have to render our sincere thanks and gratitude.”

Poultry Farmer

Tending ChickensCustom Tailoring

Ms. Komalathevi, an unmarried woman from Manatchenai village faced particular challenges before being accepted into the Rose Microcredit program. With a family of eight, including Ms. Komalathevi’s mother, sister and her sister’s five children, the difficulty of managing prior to joining the Microcredit program was almost unbearable – particularly, because in addition to the size of her family they faced very real patriarchial limitations (being an all-female family in a male-dominant country). With her first loan of Rs. 20,000 in October of 2010 she was able to start a poultry farm and was able to pay back the loan quickly. The profits of her new business allowed her to support her family  and her children’s education.

Subsequently, a second loan of RS. 25,000 allowed Ms. Komalathevi to extend her farm adding 200 more chickens, and, based on a requested need her family introduced a household tailoring service.

Says Ms. Komalathevi, “thanks to Rose Charities and for all or their services to our community. They’ve helped us a lot. I learned so many techniques to run a business. Their advice is invaluable.”

Short Eats (Sri Lankan Specialty Food)


Mrs. Aruncheyen Annaledsumi’s dream was to start a business making and selling short-eats – (Sri Lankan specialty appetizers), but coming from a large family of seven, she lacked the education and wherewithal to launch a business.

Rose Charities Microcredit changed this for her with a loan of RS. 20,000in 2008. With this initial loan she was able to quickly build a business that earned her Rs. 500 a day. With the initial loan repaid, she qualifed for a second loan of RS. 25,000 which helped her to further expand her business.

In 2011, with her second loan repaid, she graduated from the microcredit program and with her track record was able to get a commericial loan of Rs. 200,000 to expand her business even further. Now, she earns on average RS. 1000 to 1500 per day and has been able to help her family and renovate her home.

Mrs. Aruncheyen Annaledsumi is so appreciative of the fresh start Rose Microcredit gave her that she never fails to serve her short-eats whenever someone from Rose Microcredit visits her. She says “Rose has not only helped my family but also helped other families through my business.”

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