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Why Microcredit?


mumbabyThe Poverty Trap

Despite hard work and ability, most of the world’s poor lack the means to get themselves out of poverty. They need to be able to earn a living, so if jobs are not available, their only alternative is to start a small business. For this, they need to borrow capital and this poses problems because traditional banks will not lend to people without collateral. Private money-lenders often charge extortionate interest rates for even tiny loans which ensure that there is never enough money to pay off the debts. This is the poverty trap and microcredit is a solution. With microcredit, the poor gain financial independence, dignity and self-determination and start on the road to prosperity.



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What Makes Rose Microcredit Different?

We start small microcredit programs in remote communities. The projects grow as the community learns the skills to run the program for themselves. Our first program was started in Kalmunai  Sri Lanka with an initial $10,000 investment. We work with the poorest in the community, lending them money to build small businesses that will improve their standard of living. The Rose Charities team provides constant support to ensure that even the most inexperienced will succeed in their businesses. Microcredit is part of a community program that includes training, women’s support groups, scholarships, and counseling. Our pilot project is in Sri Lanka.


What Makes our Project a Success?

The People The resilience and courage of the population who have survived untold hardships from the tsunami and the civil war.

The Support Our policy of guidance and support that helps our borrowers at every step of their new business venture.

The Staff Our wonderful Sri Lankan staff and volunteers who have worked with the community since the tsunami in 2004 and who understand and care about their lives and struggles.

The Canadians Our Vancouver Microcredit Group, who are volunteers from the business sector and who use their expertise to raise funds and monitor the program.

The Donors Every dollar you donate will go directly to a microcredit loan, with no deductions. Our microcredit program is sponsored entirely by donations–for which we are so grateful.



Rose Microcredit is a project of:

Rose Charities Canada

Goal: $1,000,000.00
Complete: $750,000.00


News from our pilot Micorcredit project in Sri Lanka
By the Numbers

By the numbers

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